Northern Drift Championship 2020

Novice Un-Caged

Our novice drivers without a cage or those who feel they are not yet ready for twinning will be able to test their skills and go up in front of the judges.

Drivers will complete runs as a single car throughout the day - drivers will be judge on their line,angle and speed.

Drivers will qualify then earn points which will add up with the highest scoring drivers going through to the final.

Best drivers from each event will take part in a super final at the last round in March.

Novice Caged

Novice drivers with cages will compete in the traditional knock-out format with all entries qualifying for the top 32 reducing down to the top 4 over the day for the final.

Drivers will complete both lead and chase runs with each driver they are drawn against.

Each driver will score points - driver with the high points proceeds to the next stage.

Top three drivers earn a place in the Pro-Am qualifying on Sunday.


Drivers who have a higher level of skill and experience can enter the Pro-Am competition.

Drivers will complete both lead and chase runs with each driver they are drawn against.

Each driver will score points for their runs - driver with the high points proceeds to the next stage.

Judges will be looking for a high level of competence from these drivers.

General Rules and Regulations 2020


Both days 8-8pm [to allow for overruns – hope to be finished by 6pm]

Signing on 0800-0840, Drivers briefing 0845, Media briefing 0855

Practice 0900-1000

Qualifying 1000-1130 – single runs – scored on mad skills

An itinerary for the competition runs will be published once we have confirmed numbers for each class.


  1. All drivers wishing to take part in Northern Drift Championship [NDC] 2020, need to register online via the entry link.
  2. All information provided must be correct or this could affect your entry.
    1. All entries must be made via the proper application process.
    2. All entries will be assed and entered the appropriate class.
    3. Refusal of entry
    1. An application does not guarantee an entry.
    2. Entries may be refused.
      1. refused entries will not receive further correspondence from NDC.
      2. We reserve the right to not inform applicants why they didn’t get an entry.
      3. If you have entered the full season and are being refused entry to further events you will be informed in writing to the email address you provided on your application.
      4. If you are refused entry to an event due to past indiscretions, you will forfeit your entry fee.
      5. False information provided on entry applications will result in refusal of entry and the forfeit of all entry fees.
    3. You may withdraw your entry without penalty and transfer your entry fee to the next event.
      1. You must contact us a minimum of 14 days prior to the event weekend by writing to the email address we will provide you.


    1. NOVICE CLASS – Drivers may have only taken part in practice days.
      1. Cars in novice class must reach these minimum requirements.
      2. The car must be fit for purpose.
      3. Appropriate roll cage for NOVICE CAGED CLASS
      4. Fire extinguisher – two handheld, minimum capacity 1kg
      5. Race seat [bucket type] fixed back.
      6. Minimum 4-point harness.
      7. Externally mounted kill switch
      8. Towing eye fitted front and rear
      9. Standard road tyres
    2. Pro Am – Driver would be suitable for Pro-Am class if they have taken part in competitions at a low level or a minimum of ten practice days here at Teesside Autodrome.
      1. Cars in semi class must reach these minimum requirements
      2. Full roll cage with a minimum of 6 fixing points made form a magnetic type metal only.
      3. Race seat [bucket seat]
      4. Minimum 4 point harness
      5. External and internal cut off switches
      6. Towing eye fitted front and rear
      7. Fire extinguisher - two handheld, minimum 1 kg capacity.
      8. Standard road tyres
    3. Qualifying
      1. All cars to take part in qualifying, this will determine whether you are in the correct class and the order you will compete.
      2. Highest qualifier competes first.
    4. Competition day.
      1. Each group will run in qualifying order highest qualifier competes first.
      2. Novice un-caged group runs
    5. Each car/driver will take part in two solo runs, which will be judged with points given out of 100.
        1. The highest scoring [16,8,4] will go through to the next run.
        2. One winner will be declared at the end of each day, second and third places will also be awarded.
      1. Novice caged and Pro-Am
        1. Each car and driver will take part in two runs
        2. One run leading
        3. One run chasing
        4. points will be given for each run, highest scoring [16,8,4] go through to the next round
        5. The final 4 will compete in a final where 1st/2nd/3rd place will be awarded.

      1. Before imposing any penalties, the officials reserve the right to assess and discuss the infringement privately and hear any evidence from any source they deem appropriate.
      2. The following penalties can be given:
        1. Verbal reprimand
        2. The drivers entries will be revoked until the time the fine is paid in full.
        3. Revoking of the driver’s entry into the current event.
        4. Revoking the driver’s entry in to any and all future events.
        5. Loss of any and all prizes, trophies etc.
        6. A driver may be given a probation period.
          1. During this period no penalty will be imposed, but any further infringement will result in the maximum penalty will be applied.
          2. This will be a set amount of time.
          3. After this time if no further infringements are made the driver is free to continue with no further penalty.
      3. The Competition Director has the right to impose any penalty to any situation they deem appropriate at the time.
      4. If you don’t like being shouted and sworn at publically, don’t act like an arsehole and we won’t have to deal with you.
      1. Penalties will be applied by the Circuit Director at her discretion.
        1. After an incident or enquiry.
        2. Penalties may be applied up to two hours after the end of competition to allow for the appropriate investigation.
      1. The Circuit Directors’ rule is supreme and will be the final word in the enforcement of all rules and regulation pertaining to and not restricted to all areas of the circuit, pits and paddock.
      2. All cars must start under their own steam, ON BOARD STARTING SYSTEM MUST BE IN WORKING ORDER AT ALL TIMES.
      5. The Circuit Director may have any car removed from the circuit of the car represents a danger due to fluid leakage, slow speed or any other reason deemed appropriate.
      6. If the loss of bodywork in thought to be constituting a hazard the car will be removed form the circuit.
      7. Refuelling of the car within the start areas or parc femme is prohibited.
        1. Team must use extreme caution when fuelling
        2. Teams found not to be using extreme caution during fuelling maybe asked to leave.

    Code of Conduct

    1. The code of conduct applies at all times during the event including test days, set up time, over night stays at circuits/venues and the entire time the team in on site.
    2. Drivers and Teams
    3. Drivers should be wearing a suitable coverall - a fireproof race suit is advisable.
    4. Drivers should have suitable type approved helmet - it's your head, your protecting so you should buy the best quality helmet you can reasonably afford.
    5. Suitable footwear should be worn at all times in and out of the car.
    6. Drivers should wear gloves suitable for driving when competing.
    7. Pit areas
      1. Drivers and teams should ensure their pit areas are kept clean and presentable.
      2. A tarpaulin or clean ground sheet should be placed inside the pit area.
      3. All repairs to cars should be carried out on a tarpaulin to prevent any oil, petrol or other fluids coming in to contact with the floor surface.
      4. When repairing a part of the car where it is likely that fluids will be expelled from the car a drip/catch tray should be used under the repair site to ensure that the fluids are easily contained and cleared away afterwards.
      5. Drivers or teams that are found to be carrying out repairs without taking these precautions may be subject to a fine £200.00 to £1500.00 depending on the level of damage caused to the floor surface.
      6. On circuit conduct
    8. i. All drivers and team members MUST REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES MOTORSPORTS ARE DANGEROUS and could result in death or serious injury.
    9. NDC and Teesside Autodrome officials reserve the right to disqualify and fine driver or team member acting in a way that is irresponsible, endangering others, offensive, aggressive or not acting in the best interests of the sport or the venue.
      1. This includes – drifting outside of the designated competition areas.
      2. Speeding in the pit and paddock areas.
      3. Carrying out repairs in a dangerous manner
      4. Including lifting the car to an angle to carry out work on the underside.
      5. Propping the car with bars and tyres in order to carry out work on the underside.
      6. Welding or grinding without taking proper precautions.
      7. Drinking alcohol or partaking in illegal drugs, while operating a vehicle or machinery.
      8. Drivers are responsible for all their team and family members who are onsite, drivers maybe penalised if a member/s of your crew or family are acting in a way that is offensive, aggressive or not acting in the best interests of the sport or the venue.
      9. Each driver can choose a representative to communicate for them when they are on the track, this person ONLY should approach officials to discuss any issues on behalf of the driver.
      10. The following items will be not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary actions
        1. Un-sportsperson like conduct
        2. Public criticism of the championship.
          1. Including Facebook, twitter etc
        3. Failing to co-operate with officials during
      1. The competition
      2. Scrutineering
      3. An investigation into any offence or incident.
      4. Deliberately entering a vehicle that is known to be ineligible for competition.
      5. Deliberately entering the wrong class in order to gain an advantage.
      6. Any physical contact to harm any official, other participant or any threatening of violence.

    Supplementary Regulations and Itineraries will be published here before each event.